Republican Party abandons its roots

Bob Dole, Nancy Kassebaum, Bill Graves, these Kansans were the Kansas Republican Party. They were leaders of integrity, honor and common sense. But that was the past and the Republican Party of your parents and grandparents is dead. In its place has grown a party owned/controlled by corporation leaders. A party so ultra conservative that it runs on the belief of alienating groups and sees themselves as better than everyone else.

The new Republican-Tea Party is not a ground-based group of average Americans. It's a corporate-led, fear-mongering, racist organization that wants you to be afraid of people who aren't like you.

Candidates like Tim Huelskamp and Sam Brownback are the epitome of the Tea Party movement instilling the fear of big government taking over your life and the evil having to pay taxes. Yet, when pressed for details on how they reduce spending, the closest you'll get is words like "waste," "fraud" or "inefficient," but nothing specific because if they would give specifics to what these two candidates want, people would back away support.

It's not hard to see what they want and will do if they win by just looking at what other Tea Partiers are running on.

1) Elimination of public education: They are in favor of ending federal/state spending on education and put the burden directly on the local government or person. They are in favor of private schools paid by individual tuition. So, unless you can afford paying $2,000 to $3,000 in tuition per child for education, you will be out of luck.

2) Elimination of state/federal funding of transportation. Without funding to keep the roads, highways and local roads will become all toll roads.

3) Elimination of Social Security system: The average Social Security recipient gets about $1,200 a month. Imagine if your mom's, dad's or grandparents' account had been invested in the market two years ago. That amount would have been cut in half.

4) Elimination of Medicare: The second most successful federal government program that has lower fraud and waste than any private program would be gone.

5) Eliminate health care bill: The millions of people across the United States who now are covered under a health care plan because they can't be denied from a pre-existing condition, millions of people 23 to 27 years old, kids who can't find a job or have a job with no insurance will be forced out of their parents' coverage. Millions of kids would be removed and denied coverage.

6) Passage of Arizona immigration bill: Forcing immigrants to carry their papers to prove citizenship.

7) Extension of tax cuts even for those making more than $250,000 a year, adding $4 trillion to the deficit.

8) Cutting corporation taxes that already are paying lower taxes than middle-income families. Last year a family of four making $75,000 a year paid more taxes than Citigroup, BankAmerica and AIG combined.

So when you vote on Tuesday, please don't be a sheep following others blindly, look at the list above.

Make your vote count toward moving the country ahead, bringing back manufacturing job and giving all people of all faiths and religions equality under the Constitution.