French journalist thankful for help

To the people of Garden City:

As I'm packing to catch a flight back to France, I'd like to express my gratitude to the wonderful people of Garden City. As some of you may know, I've been here for seven weeks, covering the presidential campaign's money time for "Le Nouvel Observateur" French news magazine. Thanks to all the people I met here, it's been a lovely time, as well as very productive.

I met farmers, teachers, businessmen, workers, pastors, lawyers, doctors, coaches, retired people, police officers, city officials ... All of them friendly and helpful. But most of all, you guys were very trustful, and that helped me a lot in what I was eager to do here. You spontaneously talked to me, told me about you, your life, who and what you care for. I'm grateful for that.

I got to discover the USA since I first came here in 1990. A couple of years later, I was sent to California to be a correspondent for a French television station. I spent five years in your country, traveling the States all the time, covering hundreds of stories.

That's when I realized the perspective Europe has from the U.S. is too often limited to the coasts, especially the East one. Which makes sense: most of the foreign media are based in D.C. or in New York. That's what gave me the idea of settling down in Kansas, right in the middle of the map, to take the pulse of what I call "Real America."

Seven weeks later, I'm proud I've done that. I'm happy I met you. And I'll probably feel a little blue when the plane takes off. Your fault.

I wish you all the best.


French reporter

Salvation Army ready to assist

I recently moved to Holcomb and am now working in Garden City. I grew up and raised my children in Scott City. While I was living in the Kansas City area I did some volunteer work with the Salvation Army in Olathe. We have the same organization right here in Garden City. With the disaster in the Northeast, I thought maybe a reminder of what they do was needed.

The Salvation Army is a not-for-profit organization. When you donate items to them, no one reaps more than the people in need. This is not the case with all used merchandise stores. They provide food, shelter, clothing and many other services for people in need. Always give your unwanted clothing and other items to the Salvation Army. When disaster strikes, they are the ones that will help feed, clothe and shelter your family.

We are coming up on the time of year the Salvation Army will be working with volunteers ringing bells and collecting donations for families in need. They also have programs to help children have a better Christmas. Remember that in the event of a disaster (weather or otherwise) we could all be in need of what the Salvation Army does.

I saw families come into the Olathe Salvation Army and were given hope again. With the help from this organization they were able to find shelter, employment and the resources to start moving forward. We have the same organization right here in Garden City. They really do care and can only do their job if people like you and me give or ask what we can do.