Bad situations could get worse

Where is our Golden State? Do the lower 48 states still hold it or have we lost it? I can't seem to find it, when Kansas took out the loan to pay our unemployed, we were not alone, we had 30 other states beside us. I hope all of them were from the lower 48 because if Paradise Island or the Gold Rush State were involved, Houston we have a big problem, we are shutting down.

Most of our lives, the Golden State was California, but after a few years of being run by the Terminator, California lost the label. So, I figured Texas was our new Golden State, but now they can't afford to keep it. I just hope they can afford to keep Nancy Shoemaker's killer in their prison. Now I feel Alaska is our new Golden State and I hope they strike it rich before history repeats itself and they are struck by another 10 point quake that will be felt clear down in the first Golden State.

I wonder what will come first, the quake or the last day of school for 5,100 teachers and counselors in California? In Providence, R.I., they couldn't even make it to the last day of the school year to let 2,000 teachers go. I must say, Texas you still have morals and still treat your neighbors like they're your next of kin by paying 700 teachers to take early retirement. I saw a teacher in her early 50s take the $10,000 offer with a smile on her face, I guess she learned her lesson well when she learned about the Mayan Indian calendar. If she can match what Texas gave her, she will know what it's like to retire on Social Security.

I just hope to God that these states cut the athletic directors before they cut the teachers or our government isn't getting an extension on March 18. But we still have two more options if we don't get an extension. We can sell all the gold in Fort Knox or we can put Obama on Air Force One for China and he can sell us to them for 50 cents on the yen.

On April Fool's Day, half of the people on Social Security should get their April checks, if not, things are going to get ugly. It's already bad enough, the last time these people had a raise, hamburger was 99 cents a pound, now it's three times that. Look at the NFL asking for $2 billion instead of one billion, they are acting like Charlie Sheen, should the people on SSI act the same way?

To Karen L. Livingston, your views hit the nail on the head and I feel like you do.


Garden City

Seize control of politicians

There are many times more we don't know than we know. This is like saying that we don't know because we are not there yet. The future, we all believe in. The problem, we keep having status stand in the way. What creates status? Politics. What is politics in this day and age? A statement that demands respect. Who achieves that status? A right talking want-to-be, in the strongest political party in the area.

The question? What can the people do to help restore strength in our elected officials? The only thing I can think of is to treat it like a marriage, which is what we already do, except a marriage has a verbal commitment and we need to demand a written, you know, like a pre-nuptial agreement that applies to two people, and we have a written commitment that applies to one versus hundreds of people.

We need control of our politicians. What better time to start?

A suggestion from the Why Not Club.


Garden City

Consider costs to our society

Of life and choice.

Abortion is a tough issue with compelling arguments on both sides. Over time I have realized some hard truths: If abortion had been prevalent around the time of our birth, there is a good chance we would not be debating it now. The prevention of any life from flourishing diminishes us all in ways we cannot begin to understand. Instead of debating when life begins or when we feel pain, we should be considering ways to not harm our future or diminish our society. I call on all people to consider the costs to our society and our future while making any decisions.


Garden City