Unfair attack on Huelskamp

An open letter to U.S. House Speaker John Boehner.

Dear Speaker Boehner:

I am a social and fiscal conservative, and have been a registered Republican and financial supporter of the GOP all of my adult life (DOB 12-19-41). That relationship is now over.

You ascended to your present position as Speaker after the November 2010 election, solely as a result of the support, nationally by the Tea Party, and other students of the Constitution who gave the GOP a house majority by electing a number of new Representatives who were very conservative in their views. In January 2011, you opined that you would "renew focus on the Constitution." Kansas Rep. Tim Huelskamp, who had the support of the Tea Party, is also a strong vocal supporter of a classic view of the Constitution. However, on Tuesday, Dec. 4, Rep. Huelskamp was removed from the House Budget Committee, and House Agricultural Committee and you also removed other conservative house members from their committee posts. What arrogance. It is difficult to ascertain which is worse: having a person who thinks he is "king" in the White House or a "prince" as Speaker of the House of Representatives who thinks he became such solely "on his own." The only way that the Republican party will survive as a viable political entity is if it garners the support and involvement of the Representatives and Senators who are fiscal and/or social conservatives. You obviously disagree with that analysis and I suggest have accelerated the decline of the Republican party as a viable national political force.

I will not and cannot support the national Republican party any further. Neither will I support the Kansas Republican party. I will continue to support individuals running for public office that are conservatives, but who may run on the Republican ticket.

I never thought, until now, that a third party was a viable possibility. I do now. The Republican party is an elephant on its side, gasping for breath. If you and other party officials continue to treat the people who "brung you to the dance" the way you did last Tuesday, the elephant will never get back on its feet. If you do not understand that, there is no hope for you or the elephant. That being the case, the best that you can do for yourself and the party is to go back to Ohio and cry yourself to sleep.

By copy of this letter to the National and State Committee, I am instructing those people to take me off their donation lists. Do not call. Do not write. Our relationship is over.

Very truly yours,


Garden City

Politicians must step up

I am scared for my country and my children's future. They talk about the fiscal cliff but it isn't a date, it is the direction we are going. It doesn't matter how anyone votes or if any deal is brokered. The country isn't going to end Jan. 2. But the country is doomed. Because no one in Washington is willing to cut back on spending. Because someone has a favor or kickback involved with every program. We are selling our children into indentured servitude. Just so our current generations can get an entitlement. No one is willing to tell the truth to our children. I fear nothing will change unless we can start holding politicians accountable to the same laws that real Americans must obey. Insider trading, double counting revenue and Ponzi schemes are the bread and butter of Washington. Until we start holding Washington accountable to the same standards as the rest of us, they will never learn to behave. The current cliff was set to have random cuts with no meaning to scare citizens. The next cliff must scare politicians. It should involve criminal fraud and negligence charges with real jail time and consequences for the criminals who seek to rule us.


Garden City