The proposed amendment question No. 2 prohibiting the Kansas

Legislature from prohibiting the mentally ill from voting should be

more specific. The way I read the proposed amendment, any mentally ill

person should not be refused the right to vote regardless of the

severity of their illness.

Does this mean even those with a less than eight or nine years of

mental capacity should be allowed to vote? Does this present the

possibility of "the person entering the voting booth with the mentally

ill patient to help them vote" get another chance to vote his or her

wishes each time he or she helps a mentally ill person to vote?

At what age capability can a person's name be used to stuff the ballot box?

The amendment doesn't speak to that. It takes away the right of the

public through their legislature to express an opinion on the subject.

We should not interfere with the voting rights of those who are

capable of reading and understanding news and making sound decisions on

private and public matters.


Johnson City