Taxes and fees, just make them up. Last week I went to the license tab office to get license plates for my son's new truck. I'm doing it because he chose to stand up and be counted. He joined the Army out of high school, became a medic and went to war, Iraq in 2007 then again in Afghanistan in June of this year. Five weeks after getting there his vehicle was ambushed and took three rocket-propelled grenades. The guy beside him is dead and three days later he wakes up in Germany.

Now, our state shows how much they appreciate what he and many others have done for their country. He asked me to get Purple Heart plates for his truck. No problem, I jump through all the motor vehicle hoops and then come the great big Kansas thank you soldier: "Purple Heart plates cost you five dollars" more than a regular plate even though they just come off the stack and don't have to be special ordered or made. No wonder our kids don't stay in Kansas, they won't even say thanks for getting blown up in an American war. I hope that letter enlightens/upsets others.

Thank you for your time.


Garden City