Several things come to mind after additional concentrated thinking about the FEMA issue. The city manager is quoted saying the city and county are considering where to get $200,000 or $250,000 to have FEMA do a new study on the ditches. Do the city and county commissions support that idea or not? Was it not a crazy waste of taxpayer money to include them in the first place? Another study would be equally stupid. Information from the state climatologist shows rainfall amounts for the experiment station gauge from July 1953 through 2008. In those 20,075 days, we had 22 days with rain from two to three inches. And only five days with rain from three to four inches. No rains of four or more inches.

Clearly, trying to stick us with a larger flood plain area when there has been no flood is absolute extortion. And neither of our governing bodies should be a party to that. The petitions gathered by the Knock Out Committee clearly asked those bodies to refrain from doing the paperwork that would put these new areas into effect. And 2,424 Finney County adult residents signed to send that message. For our city staff to be spending time on the petitions to send them to the politicos in Washington is ridiculous when they are directed specifically at the local governing bodies.

It is puzzling why the city commission is unwilling to say what action it plans to pursue. Will a suit be filed and what relief will be sought against whom? These are important questions to those of us whose pockets are being picked and whose property is being depreciated. In the July 17 letter to FEMA, item 1, states: "This failure renders the final flood hazard determination invalid." The goal of any such action should be to have the proposed expanded flood plain areas declared null and void. That would certainly be the thrust of any action taken by private citizens and it would be much better if we could join with the city/county as plaintiffs, all seeking the same goal: to rid us of this misguided extortion effort.

Unfortunately, on page 8 of that letter, in part 111. Conclusion, the letter writer or writers, ignoring the excellent legal case outlining why the whole sorry mess is invalid, tries to "make nice" and asks FEMA to come do another study "to attempt to work toward a mutually acceptable solution." What a disaster. That is like asking a rapist to come back to your home and do a better job next time. Both governing bodies need to advise whether they previewed and approved this letter and how they rationalize the blatant contradiction in its approach. We cannot have our cake and eat it, too. One can't be just a little pregnant.

We need to meet all of those responsible at the county line with pitchforks and buckets of hot tar and feathers. Let's end this nonsense once and for all.


Garden City