Sosa's knowledge would be welcome

As a representative of one of Garden City's rapidly growing demographics, that of a multicultural young professional, Liz Sosa brings extensive knowledge and experience as a candidate to the City Commission.

Educated at Garden City Community College and Fort Hays State University, Liz's considerable work history has given her a solid foundation to tackle the city's wide array of challenges and issues. As an entrepreneur with her own business, she understands small business development. As a general manager for a local business, she handles projects, personnel, budgets and provides operations analysis. Liz knows firsthand the challenges and successes of economic development as she was the business retention director for the Finney County Economic Development Corp., for nearly three years.

Liz believes that city growth through both population and tax base are the primary mechanisms needed for true economic development. She advocates the implementation of the city's comprehensive plan and that regular efforts to provide opportunities for citizen feedback and involvement in small and big projects also be part of that plan.

It is through our passion for quality of life that beckons us to lead and to serve. The opportunity to bring commitment and enthusiasm to the mission of growing Garden City and making our hometown a place where passion for excellence is heralded affirms our belief that Liz's leadership and work ethic would make her a great city commissioner. We encourage voting for Liz Sosa on April 5.


Garden City

Blackburn knows district needs

We are writing in support of USD 457 Board of Education candidate Tom Blackburn. We have known Tom for over 20 years and are certain he will be an asset to the board.

Tom and his wife have raised four children in our district and know firsthand the needs of Garden City schools. His previous board experience will serve him well as our district moves forward. Tom will keep the needs of the students at the forefront of his decisions while remaining fiscally responsible to the taxpayer. Please join us in voting on April 5.


Garden City

Know the signs of child abuse

Perhaps you've seen her, the neighbor girl who is normally talkative and playful, but today she is shy and withdrawn. In fact, she's been acting this way for a month now. It may be easy to attribute her odd behavior to a bad grade on a science quiz, a disagreement with her brother or lack of sleep.

It may be any or all of those factors, but it could be more. Her unusual behavior may be an indicator of child abuse. Knowing what to look for is the first step in freeing children from abusive situations and strengthening the families in our community.

Studies show that those who know the warning signs are five times as likely to report suspected cases of abuse and neglect. For this reason, and because up to 75 percent of physical abuse is to the head and neck areas, Delta Dental of Kansas' PANDA (Prevent Abuse and Neglect through Dental Awareness) program educates dental professionals and other state-mandated reporters on how to identify and report suspected cases of child abuse and neglect.

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month and in the state of Kansas, it is also PANDA Month. I encourage you to learn the indicators of abuse and neglect, which can be found on the PANDA page of our website,

Education is key in keeping our children safe. Help us help children have a healthy and safe childhood. Reporting suspected cases helps families get the services they need, and you may even save a child's life.

If you suspect abuse or neglect, please contact the Kansas Protection Report Center at (800) 922-5330.



Brantner is president and CEO of Delta Dental of Kansas.

Many thanks for returning phone

I wish to thank the person who found my cell phone last Wednesday afternoon at Walmart. It's nice to know that there still are honest people in this world and in Garden City. I can't reward you with anything because I don't know you, but I know my Lord and savior will send you lots of blessings. Because of you I have my cell phone back, thank you so much and thanks to Walmart customer service employees for holding it for me.



Brandenburger the choice for GCCC

Della Brandenburger is truly an individual who cares about the future of Garden City Community College. Her experience as a current member of the Board of Trustees would benefit the patrons of this community.

We need a knowledgeable person in this position. Della is inspired by challenge and is dedicated to the mission of our college. Her re-election as a trustee would be a tremendous asset to the new president of the college.

I urge you to commit your vote to Della Brandenburger. She has the experience, the know-how and the work ethic that is needed at Garden City Community College.


Garden City