Look objectively at the evidence

One aspect of being psychotic is the denial of obvious reality. And many of our leaders today are showing this aspect ... or their ignorance of history.

For example, in his article, "Sad reminder of McCarthy era," (Feb. 25) Michael B. Keegan says "... our security is threatened not by the millions of Americans who practice Islam, but by a handful of violent extremists." Then he says that Rep. King and the Homeland Security Committee agrees.

This, in spite of the historical reality that the first Muhammad killed Jews and fellow Arabs who would not submit to his authority as a prophet (Islam means submission) and after his death in 632 A.D. his followers went out to make the world submit to them, even if it meant killing them (as any history book will show) and in spite of the reality that the same is true today especially where Islam is in charge.

All so-called "peaceful" Muslims are either lying or showing their ignorance of their founder and his religion. Let Mr. Keegan write an article exposing the truth about Muhammad and historical Islam and see how peaceful the Muslims are.

But what do we expect when our own government's public schools are psychotic in denying obvious reality.

In spite of many proven scientific facts of recorded history, the schools teach that long, long ago in the magic Kingdom of Yesteryear all scientific facts were suspended and "poof" things were different.

In spite of the scientific fact that all effects have a cause and all causes have an effect, in the Magic Kingdom: "Poof," matter appeared all by itself.

In spite of the scientific fact that life does not come from nonlife: "Poof," it happened.

In spite of the scientific fact that molecules, eyes and other things are very complex and cannot function unless all parts are present at the same time and therefore could not have evolved, nor could our bodies without a liver or kidneys: "Poof," it happened.

It's no wonder that student bullying and violence have gotten worse. After all, the students are being taught that there is no great cause and preserver and that we are but the highest so far in the animal realm and that, therefore, there is no ultimate morality, but only what we humans decide which is a matter of opinion and can be changed to fit our circumstances.

But if we and the schools want to be truly scientific, we would acknowledge that there has to be a personal Great Cause whomever that might be.

And then when we look objectively at the evidence, we will see that it points to the God of the Bible and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

It appears to me that those who deny this evidence and its reality and depend upon godless evolution for their explanation of our existence are those who do not want it to be true.

Apparently, they would rather be psychotic and hope for the best which according to the Bible is not good, to say the least.


Cuba, Mo.

The Rev. Norman Heironimus is a former Deerfield resident now visiting the area.

Preserve right to clean air

To the citizens of Finney County,

Friday, Feb. 25, was the one-year anniversary of the passage of the Kansas Clean Indoor Air Act. We thank the legislators who supported our right to breathe clean air. There are efforts under way in Topeka this year to undermine the law in spite of the fact that 77 percent of the general public supports the new protections from second hand smoke in public places. Many of us go out more often because restaurants and bars are smoke free and the air quality is safer. This issue is settled and the public supports it. Legislators need to focus on the budget instead of attempting to water down this important act. Everyone deserves the right to breathe clean indoor air in public places and at work. I urge you to contact your legislators today and urge them to support clean indoor air in Kansas, not undermine it.


Scott City

Dr. Christian Cupp is vice president of the Kansas Academy of Family Physicians.