I bought a house on Black Friday. What'd you get?

Yes, it finally happened. We have moved into our new home in Humphrey, Neb.

The movers arrived Wednesday, and everything went pretty smoothly. It's no coincidence that I wasn't involved.

My wife supervised, and I was happy to let the movers handle the heavy lifting.

The only glitch was our son, Alek's, bed.

The box springs could not be moved to his bedroom of choice, which is downstairs. So they tried upstairs. No dice.

My wife and I were not going to give up the master bedroom on the main floor, so at one point the front lawn was looking like the next choice. As it turns out, my father-in-law will split the box spring, and then Alek can make himself at home in his "man cave."

It was nice to go home after work that first day and not have to drive 25 minutes to get there.

When we bought the newspaper in Humphrey in April, we lived in Columbus, Neb., and by the time we sold it we were living with my wife's folks in Norfolk.

They were gracious enough to put us up and, hopefully, survived my wife and I, and our dog and cat.

Of course we will be unpacking for the foreseeable future, but all in good time.

Our children even drove back from college the first day to spend some time in the new house and check out their rooms.

It will take our pets a few days to get used to their new surroundings. I'm sure they are confused by all the moving.

It will be an adjustment for all of us, but one that we have been anticipating since spring.

You think when the movers come and put everything where you tell them to put it, that is the end of the story.

But when they walk into the house and have to ask where every piece of furniture goes, you're forced to make decisions on the fly.

I stopped by the house briefly while my wife was directing traffic. I got caught by a mover while she was out of the room, and froze. I had to call for Kelly to help direct this poor guy.

That was my cue to leave. I went back to work and left her to act as director.

When you look at homes, you see how the owners' furniture fits and looks, and it is up to your imagination to try and envision how your furniture will look.

Since I was not doing the actual moving, I never thought about how furniture would fit through doors or through hallways, or in the case of beds, if they could fit up or downstairs.

Those problems don't crop up until moving day.

My wife and I talked about what would go where, but plans change when the movers set down the furniture and suddenly something doesn't look right.

We actually told them to put some things in the corner and we'd figure it out later.

All of that is details. We have plenty of time to move a table here, push a chair into another corner or hang pictures in a different room.

The important thing is we are home.

Patrick Murphy, now of Humphrey, Neb., is a former assistant managing editor of The Telegram.