Many politicians wrong on abortion

Many conservative politicians running for public office in Kansas declare themselves to be against abortions. These politicians are not living in the reality of life in this day and age.

Many young women experience the painful reality of being raped. Many are unable to relate what actually happened to them because of date rape drugs used on them. Often they are so hurt by the assault that mentally they cannot bring themselves to report the incident nor seek treatment.

Many people fail to realize that when the age of majority was lowered from 21 to 18 that universities and colleges lost control over dormitories and adults could live in dormitories with both sexes. Today in co-ed dormitories, rapes occur and may not be reported.

Prior to the legalization of abortions, women had to turn to back-alley abortions performed without sanitary, sterile conditions of hospitals or clinics. Many of these abortions were botched and resulted in women who had been raped with serious medical problems. One person who performed illegal abortions in Kansas used, of all things, a pheasant feather. You can imagine how unsanitary that would be.

In the late 1960s, I was just out of law school and started working as a prosecutor for the city of Wichita. The city attorney required me to ride with police officers so I would become familiar with life on the streets. One night an officer and I were called to meet a person on a street corner. We pulled up to a young woman who was crying. She was only 13 and had been walking along the street about six blocks from her home when a man grabbed her and took her into some bushes and raped her. She didn't want us to call her parents.

When the officer told her she could be pregnant she went into a state of hysteria. At that point I found I would approve of her having an abortion. This would be an event that I would never forget.

Conservative, anti-abortion legislators fail to realize the crime rate in the United States was going up through the '60s, '70s and '80s and surprisingly went downward during the '90s. Researchers have found the downward trend was a result of Roe vs. Wade. Prior to that decision, many women having children were ill-prepared to care for and raise children with good parental skills. As a result, some children grew up to commit violent acts. When these women could get lawful abortions the numbers of those types of children dropped significantly, and violent crime dropped. Of course these same legislators complain about helping women who end up having children and are ill-prepared to raise said children.

A Republican running for a Senate seat in Colorado would seek a national law prohibiting abortions. This is pure idiocy. Women do not need to be denied such a right. Each woman has to make her own decision; men should stay out of that decision-making.

Women in Kansas need to be active in voting for politicians who will promote what is in their best interest. They need to actively work at controlling their destiny for themselves and their daughters.


Scott City