Give Great Lakes some consideration

Local employees of Great Lakes feel betrayed. Because of the city commission's decision to choose American Eagle, Great Lakes employees have their job until October when the contract expires. If the city wants a different air carrier, then let them come and prove that going to Dallas works without disrupting local established service. I understand that the city is trying to make a decision that will hopefully involve a self-sustaining airline that does not require EAS (Essential Air Service) money. What has the city done to work with Great Lakes Airlines? Has it been published for the public to read? Great Lakes has been operating at Garden City Regional Airport since 1998. I have rarely heard or seen any advertisements in the paper, radio or television. Before Great Lakes is tossed away, has everything been done to help our local airline to be successful here in Garden City?

My name is Rodney Clews and I currently work for Great Lakes Airlines. I don't care to lose my job. I have served Great Lakes for 11 years at the Garden City airport, which is a big part of obtaining the passenger loads needed every year to get grant money to improve the airport. Change is not always better, especially when American Eagle has a four-month escape clause. I would hate to see Garden City end up with no air service.

I hope the airport administration and the city have done their homework. I would prefer that Great Lakes stay. I don't have specific names, except to say that when I ask or am approached by passengers, the comment is that service to Dallas would be great, but not at the expense of giving up service to Denver. It's too bad that something cannot be worked out to share the EAS (Essential Air Service) money available, instead of all or nothing. My opinion is having more flights, rather than less, is better. People like to have options. Denver is just far enough away where it is more convenient to fly rather than drive. I would be surprised if flights to Wichita could ever be made cost effective for the public, but it would be great to see proposed ticket prices published for the general public to make up their own minds.

I would prefer going to Denver rather than Dallas any day.

People might say why don't you just go to work for the new airline to be able to stay employed. As I understand it, if American Eagle is operated as a charter, there would be no flight benefits extended to employees.

I guess what I would like to see is a build up of service at our airport, not a replacement. I am not the only one who doesn't understand why we have to lose Denver to gain Dallas. I think that we need both to obtain the necessary passenger loads needed to keep the grant money coming in year after year. I am not alone in my thinking.


Garden City

Plenty of green in Garden City

To the people of Garden City:

Have you spent much time driving around town and seeing how our town has become a showplace?

I look at Kansas Avenue, Taylor Plaza, the apartment complexes, our park and zoo, Main Street and several city parks.

There is so much difference since Alan Geier has been creating all these "green oases."

I'm not only enjoying it myself, but proud when visitors come to town, how clean and green it is, and the trees and flowers that enhance the roadsides.

There is also a good job of getting rid of the dead foliage, so all is kept beautiful.

Good job Garden City and Alan, keep up the good work.


Garden City