Quality education important to Rude

It is our great pleasure to know and wholeheartedly support Mark Rude in his pursuit to serve the community as a member of the USD 457 School Board. We have known Mark for over seven years. At Bible Christian Church, he volunteers his musical talents to serve on the music ministry team, and he has served in leadership positions in youth classrooms. On a professional level, we have had business involvement with him and have appreciated his expertise and manner of dealing with people.

Mark has been involved in the field of education for quite some time and from various perspectives. Growing up with a father who taught music, Mark understands the importance of maintaining a good staff. In his work as executive director of the 12-county Groundwater Management District, Mark has experience working with a board to represent local and regional budget and policy interests to state and federal government officials and he can be a resource for the school board for that work. Mark is now a father with three children in the Garden City school system. The quality of education is important to Mark for his children and every student. Mark's wife, Melany, has worked for the school district for many years as a speech language pathologist.

Mark would be a conscientious, knowledgeable and dedicated member of the USD 457 Board of Education. Mark portrays Christian leadership in all areas of his life. We recommend without reservation that you vote for Mark Rude on April 5.


Garden City

Harness worthy of voter support

I'm writing this letter to urge your readers to vote in the upcoming election for city commission positions on April 5. We need commissioners with a genuine concern for the way Garden City grows and what kind of city it will be. I believe that Nancy Harness has been a very good commissioner and will continue to be. She is willing to listen and has always been approachable by anyone with concerns about local issues. Too many people involved in government forget how important it is to listen. Nancy has never forgotten that the city commission is a place for the people of this community to say what they want for Garden City and that a commissioner can and should be someone willing to take up their cause in meetings.

In my conversations over many years with Nancy Harness I've always been impressed by her commitment to this city and our quality of life. She does listen and will fight for what she believes is right. If any of your readers have questions about her positions on various issues I urge them to contact her and ask for her opinion. This is the way government should work, face to face with our representatives listening to what people are saying.


Garden City

Rude the choice for school board

I urge you to join me in voting for Mark Rude on April 5. Mark is one of 10 candidates seeking the four open positions on the seven-member USD No. 457 Board of Education. I have known Mark for many years and believe he possesses a high level of integrity and honesty. I believe he will represent the owners of our school district in a manner that is becoming of a public servant. As a parent of school-age children, Mark understands the need for high-quality public education. As a taxpayer and the manager of a sizeable budget, he also understands the need to be financially responsible.

Your vote for Mark Rude would be greatly appreciated. However, no matter your sentiments for a particular candidate, I trust you will exercise your civic responsibility by voting on April 5.

Thank you and God bless.


Garden City

Rude understands budgetary issues

I wish to express my support for Mark Rude for USD 457 school board.

I have known Mark Rude for many years. He serves as executive director of Ground Water Management District No. 3. Mark works with a 15-member board of directors at GMD No. 3 who often have differing views, so he knows how to build consensus to make informed decisions. He also understands budgets and funding of public entities.

Please join me in supporting Mark Rude for school board.


Garden City