This past weekend is a sample of good, clean, free entertainment. The scholarship pageant, the parade, the Fiesta program and the wonderful celebration at Garden City Community College. We can be proud of this city and its diversity. Our community knows how to plan and work to make these events a success. Thank you for making this city a great place to live.

The Fiesta, it just gets better and better. My compliments and thanks to Angelica Castillo and the Fiesta Committee. As we older folks leave, the young take over with new ideas and more cooperation from the city and the sponsors. I have never understood why people fly all the way to other Latino countries when they can see the same cultural dances free. The Folkloric groups had beautiful dresses along with jewelry, as well as hairpieces. The Mariachi group played all the beautiful songs. The food and drinks were just as good and reasonably priced.

My grandparents came to the United States in the 1900s. The Arellanos settled here and the Guadians settled in Chanute, where they celebrate the oldest Fiesta in Kansas. We have the second oldest here in Garden City. They are both the longest continuing celebration in Kansas. We know how hard it is to make the Fiesta a success. We all have worked long and hard to contribute to Garden City to make it the best city for our youth.

May God bless you all.


Garden City