Help give boost to Windsor Hotel

Dear citizens,

Thanks for your continued interest in the Partnerships Historic Sites Tax Credits. But, please realize the opportunity is about to expire. The Finney County Preservation Alliance has had a good response to the PHS Tax Credits we were awarded to move the Windsor Hotel project forward and the remaining $12,500 must be used by June 30.

This shapes up to be a momentous year for the Windsor Hotel. Two new board members are involved on the team and we're working on new funding options,, Pepsi Refresh Project, in July, and a National Daughters of the American Revolution grant application early next year. This is in addition to a $5,000 grant awarded by Finnup Foundation for this fall's Haunted House event and a November 2013-14 Transportation Enhancement KDOT application we plan to file. As well as the $112,500 2010 Heritage trust Fund Grant and the $711,757 2011-12 Transportation Enhancement funding we're in the process of spending. We'll be making actual repairs instead of patches.

The 50 percent Partnership Historic tax credits are available to any individuals, companies or businesses that pay State of Kansas Income, Premium or Privilege taxes. It involves a simple donation form which is recorded by the Kansas Historical Society Staff and claimed by the donor on provided Kansas Department of Revenue Schedule K-75.

Minimum donation is $1,000 and maximum is $5,000. Donors receive tax credits equal to 50 percent of the value of their donations to the historic site. These tax credits are refundable but not transferable and must be used for the tax year given.

Money raised by the Partnership Historic Sites Tax Credits will be used toward returning this remarkable building to a viable part of our community and the continued pursuit of grant and promotional opportunities to move the project forward.

Your help is essential to take advantage of this opportunity and any assistance you provide would appreciated. Please, give me a call, 275-4340, if you would like to take advantage of this opportunity.

We're moving forward and you're the reason why.



Garden City

Harness is president of the Finney County Preservation Alliance.

Stop importing duty-free goods

It is time to kick the money-changers out of Congress. If our elected representation will not protect this nation, then they need to be replaced. As a whole, Congress has taken a direction that benefits them, and the people pay the bill. Enough is enough.

Last evening I had an occasion to listen to a bishop from Brazil, a person I knew in high school. The bishop did an excellent job of explaining the problems facing that nation. The country has a multitude of national problems. It is referred to as the multinational problem. During the discussion, it became clear that the populace were being use and abused. The question was asked: Are any of these companies from the USA? His answer: All of them. Wages around 30 cents an hour, no police protection except for the multinational employees, and then only if they are part of the companies. This nation is about like it was in the USA, 180 to 220 years ago. These multinational companies are slavers and we, as a nation, support that policy. Not as individuals, but as supporters of our political parties.

We need to stop importing duty-free products from those companies that are not sitting on American soil. By far, this is the biggest boondoggle that Congress ever pulled and has some side effects that are just coming to light. The trickle-down effect has been forgotten and the only thing that matters is that the wealthy receive all the profits, and the only way to control that is to shut the doors on free imports.

We are still losing manufacturing to foreign nations and that needs to stop. It is my opinion that we need to lock down all remaining manufacturing companies to the extent that if they move, there will be no trade with these United States and their remaining facilities belong to this nation, not their bank, this nation. If the bank wants to collect its money, they will have to go to the new location.


Garden City