No one has right to disrupt funeral

I find all that I read in the March 3 edition of The Telegram about the Westboro Baptist Church group to be quite disturbing. During protests some of their signs read "Thank God for dead soldiers," "You're Going to Hell," "God Hates the USA/Thank God for 9/11," etc., etc. I am not a Bible scholar, but I will challenge Rev. Fred Phelps to quote any Holy Scripture (without taking it out of context) which will substantiate any of these claims they are slinging around.

I did not see it in any of the writings, but I assume the way this group uses the name of God, that they would want us to believe they are Christians. I assure you I would not want my name to ever be associated with these people; nor would I ever have anything to do with them.

I believe the Supreme Court issued a ruling and statement which is totally foreign to what our forefathers meant when they wrote the First Amendment into our Constitution. Westboro Church, I don't care what the Supreme Court stated; not you, nor anyone else, has a right to interfere with any funeral service. You have no right to harass family members when they are laying to rest one of their loved ones.

So, go away so-called "Rev." Fred Phelps; go away so-called Westboro Baptist "Church." Crawl back under the rock that you slithered out from under, and leave those who mourn alone.

May God our Heavenly Father bless America.